Course Notes

CHEM 2301: Thermodynamics

Notes: chem2301-notes.pdf

CHEM 3301: Quantum Chemistry

Notes: chem3301-notes.pdf

CHEM 4301/5301: Theory of Chemical Bonding

Notes: chem5301-notes.pdf

Tutorial: chem5301-tutorial.pdf

CHEM 6353: Density-Functional Theory

Notes: the short version or the extended version

Bonus Content

An opinionated introduction to density-functional theory for experimentalists: dftguide.pdf

Book Chapter: E. R. Johnson, The Exchange-Hole Dipole Moment Dispersion Model. In: Non-Covalent Interactions in Quantum Chemistry and Physics, A. Otero de la Roza and G. DiLabio eds. (Elsevier, 2017) Ch. 5, pp. 169-194. link